Graffiti plays a very important role in the visual surface of any city. It shows the needs and desires of a society but also criticizes the society itself. Without Graffiti our cities would be just grey and boring without any form of life at all. Graffiti can also help strangers find their way through the city, For example when I came new to Beirut I would have been lost much more easily if there would be no Graffiti. It brings a lot of life to the town and can be used great for expressing ourselves.

There are many kind of different forms of Graffiti, which makes this medium very open for everyone to participate in it, as it has got no limits in dimensions, forms or techniques.

I just except from Graffiti to communicate something, whatever it is, good or bad, criticism or happiness.

I hope my artwork in the streets will bring inspiration to people who lack it, and will calm the minds of the viewers to take a stop and look at it closely to see all the details and beauty in it.
Thats why I spend all my freetime here in Beirut painting Graffiti in the streets.